High Quality Accredited HIP Treatment

Isostatic Toll Services Bilbao SL is a brand new dedicated HIP facility located in Abanto Zierbena municipality in Biskaia. The new facility's strategy is equipped with 2 identical AIP52 units.

Each unit consists of a water cooled monolithic forging of steel, integrated with molybdenum furnaces, vacuum pumps, compressors, and other high-tech accessory equipment, with full redundancy of the critical components.  The hot zone of Ø1117 x 2539 mm will be the largest available in in southern Europe, capable to host large items such as engine blades, big vanes, integral rings.  With a max operating temperature of 1250°C and a max operating pressure of 103 MPa we can run materials made of Nickel, Titanium, Aluminum Alloys and many more.

ITS Bilbao is now NADCAP/AS9100 certified as well as being having source approval from Rolls Royce, ITP, Safran, Pratt and Whitney, and Honeywell.