Liaoning hang’an core technology Co., Ltd.

Focus on advanced ceramics to help the two machine industries

Liaoning Hangan Core Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hangan Core") is a specialized, special and new "little giant" enterprise in Liaoning Province, and a national high-tech enterprise. The mission of Hangan Core: focus on advanced ceramics, help the two machine industries, and escort the development of my country's high-end equipment. Hangan Core is the core supplier of ceramic core products of China Aviation Development Corporation and China Commercial Development Corporation, and undertakes the research and development, trial production and batch production of key models of Aviation Development Corporation and Commercial Development Corporation. Airsafe Core has an independently developed and continuously iterative customized production database for ceramic cores. It is one of the few domestic enterprises that can mass-produce ceramic cores for aero-engines and ceramic cores for gas turbines at the same time. Its production capacity and technical capabilities are in the leading position in the industry. Location. Airsafe Core is committed to becoming a world-leading supplier of ceramic cores for aero-engines and gas turbines.