Ulrich Voigt

Product Manager | ASK Chemicals GmbH

fter successfully completing a degree in foundry technology, he worked as technologist and engineer in steel casting foundry, he later switched to the refractory industry, did work there as an application specialist, supervising foundries and steelworks.
Later worked in various positions at Vesuvius Company, responsible for the support and advice on both economic and technical aspects of iron and steel foundries, in particular with regard to the use of ceramic foam filters for the filtration of liquid metals in investment casting and also all other metal foundries and application areas where liquid metals are in use.
Currently working for ASK Chemicals GmbH as a specialist for risers and filters in the foundry industry of Germany and Europe. Has foundry experience of more than 45 Years. Author of different technical papers, inventor and also presenter at some technical conferences.

15:15 - 15:45 Track 2 Session 9 | Ceramic Filters

Tuesday 9th May 2023

Enhanced process and quality control by use of 3D printed filters